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At Lucie’s Barkingham Palace, our focus is on providing your furry family members with the royal treatment!

At the palace, our grooming services are designed to keep your pet looking and feeling great, while our boarding and daycare programs provide a fun and safe environment for them to play and relax.


From shampoos and haircuts to exercise and cuddles, we do it all to ensure your pet is happy and healthy! Click below to learn more about the services offered.

Please Note: All guests must have a current Pennsylvania Dog License and have a copy of  up to date vaccination records (Distemper and Bordetella) and Rabies Certificate on file.  We highly recommend Canine Influenza Vaccine for all clients.


As of 2024, it is required of all out of state residents to provide a signed Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) from your vet. These forms ensure pets are safe to travel and they are current for 30 days. We must have a valid copy on file for your dog to be at our facility. *If the paperwork is invalid, we will politely have to turn your dog away.

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Dog being groomed


Your dog or cat will feel at ease thanks to the expertise of our groomers!

A properly groomed pet is a happy and healthy pet, and no one understands that better than the team of groomers at the Palace!

We provide exceptional care, with lots of love for your 

four-legged family members. Our grooming services are personalized to meet you and you pet's individual needs. Whether your dog is a purebred pedigree, or a cutie rescue dog that you fell in love with, we offer a full-line of grooming procedures from a simple shampoo bath, to a full service groom.

Our "Free Range" Pet Spa Offers:


  • Baths & Brush Outs

  • Specialty  Grooming and Bathing

  • De-Skunking

  • De-Shedding

  • Scissoring

  • Clipping

  • Hand Stripping & Plucking

  • Nail Clipping & Dremmel

  • Flea & Tick Dips

  • Medicated Baths

  • Eye, Ear & Gland Cleaning

  • Teeth Cleaning

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Give Your Pup the Ultimate Playdate at Doggy Daycare

Looking for a safe and fun place for your furry friend while you're away? Look no further than Lucie's Barkingham Palace! Our doggie daycare provides socialization, exercise, and lots of playtime to keep your dog happy and healthy. Join our pack today!

Our Daycare Offers:

  • Half Day Sessions (Under 6 Hours of Play)

  • Full Day Sessions (Over 6 Hours of Play)

  • Discount Packages (5 day, 10 day, 20 day)

  • Pickup and Drop off Service Available

Doggie Daycare Dogs Playing
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Boarding facilities
Dogs playing indoors
Dog jumping on fence


Board your dog or cat for a single night, or for an extended period!

At the Palace we go above and beyond to keep your pet safe and provide them all the attention they deserve while you are away. Our professional staff treats every single pet as if it were their own.

During their stay with us your pet will enjoy:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Exercise

  • Hands-on Attention & Affection

  • Socialization (30 min, up to 5 times a day)

  • Optional Additional Playtimes 

  • Grooming Services (Upon Request)

Our Suites

Pets return to their suites at night ready to cuddle up in their bedding for a nice rest after their day of play. They sleep great! Our suites are LARGE enough for families of 2+ pets to share and stay. 

Betty White Suites

Our Betty White suites were designed with our senior guests and anxious boarders in mind. Since these suites are separate from the main building, they allow guests to relax in peace and quiet (away from the barkers in our main suites) which helps alleviate stress.

Preparing For Your Pet's Stay

To ensure the safety and happiness of all our guests, we kindly ask that you leave personal belongings at home when bringing your furry friend to the Palace. This includes toys, raw hides, and dental chews as they can be a choking hazard to other pets.


We provide everything your pet needs during their stay, including bowls, bedding, and plenty of love and attention from our experienced staff.  If there is a special item your pet requires, for example a slow feeder/modified food bowl, please let our staff know and we can discuss.

Please note that our staff are not responsible for any misplaced or damaged personal belongings.


Unless otherwise specified/requested, guests will be served Nutro Brand Food (dry or wet) twice daily. Breakfast is served at 8AM and Dinner is served at 5PM. (House food charge. Price varies by breed size.)


If you'd prefer to provide your pet's food: 

  • Dry food must be individually measured and bagged in ziplock bags for each feeding. Please label each bag with your pet's name and any special instructions.

  • Wet food must be kept in the original can and should also be labeled with your pet's name and owner's last name.


​If your pet has allergies and/or feeding problems, you must have them listed and included with their feeding instructions.


  • Medications must be kept in their original bottle/container with all instructions and pharmacy information. 


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